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When your T-shirt doesn’t compile (update)

The office recently had some T-shirts made for our developers. The hope was for all our customers and partners to be able to easily recognise our developers at a conference. Unfortunately the T-shirts didn’t compile.


At first, it wasn’t readily obvious to any of us. Something just didn’t look right. Maybe it was not printing on a new-line? Could it just be putting the arguments on a second line felt weird? No, all of that’s okay (if ugly). There was some form of code-smell there that we just couldn’t put our finger on. A few minutes later it hit. “System” isn’t capitalized. There is no “system” class or package.

Knowing the answer gave a sense of relief, but that relief was followed by the realization that I couldn’t possibly put a shirt that doesn’t compile on my body. I can’t condone bad code as a representation of me, or the company.

Puffy-paint to the rescue!


Admittedly, it’s a little passive-aggressive.




UPDATE! passive-aggressive pays off!

A second run of the shirts were made, and I was asked to compile the proofs before they were sent to the printer.


So, what do you think ?