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Ben Franklin on Scrum.

What the hell could a founding father possibly teach us about developing software?  In the 1740s and 1750s Ben Franklin was still performing early experiments with electricity.  He and other citizen scientists were just starting the groundwork that eventually led to modern computers.  Franklin’s the guy we credit for having coined the terms “positive” and “negative” as charges for electricity.  Yet It would still be another 200 years before the first computers appeared, let alone “software engineering” as we know it today.  Despite that there was no software to write, there is a major overlap between what he did every day back then, and what we do every day now:  And that’s “get shit done”.

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Is Certified ScrumMaster training worth it?

I just completed the Certified ScrumMaster certification by Scrum Alliance. It was a two day course full of dry-erase markers, slideshows and team activities. Lunch was provided.

Overall, I enjoyed myself. We went over the Scrum roles, the different Scrum Meetings, the Scrum Artifacts and general agile principles. There was plenty of time with each topic to answer questions, and everybody was engaged and part of the discussion. I doodled and took notes with colored sharpies, and there were pipe-cleaners spread about for those of us who like to fidget.

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