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Inversion of Control

In my last post about the Clean Architecture (link) we talked about dependencies, and how we’d ideally like them all pointing “inwards”. That is, we want all the dependencies pointing away from code that might change, and towards code that is less likely to change. The reason we should be intentional about dependencies, is to limit how often we need to change our code. Changes will ripple along those dependencies. Additionally, we need to handle the behavior of dependencies when unit testing.
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The Clean Architecture

Now we all know why the layered architecture sucks (link). The layered architecture is [practically] impossible to create as it’s designed. There exists an implicit dependency of the data layer on the business layer; and a transitive dependency of the presentation layer on the data layer. These two dependencies will probably occur in an implementation of a layered architecture, but are not represented, or acknowledged in the traditional design. There is a better option, and we’ll walk through what that is.

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